Northern Lights

Long, dark winter nights are never as dreary as they may seem: Iceland is compensated with the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which are also referred to as Aurora Borealis. It can often be seen dancing in the Icelandic sky. On clear, cold nights, the Northern lights swirl around colorfully in dramatic shapes across the night sky.

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Glaciers in Iceland

Glaciers in Iceland cover about 11% of the total area of the island, and they constitute one of the most distinctive features of Iceland. Almost all types of glaciers can be found in Iceland, ranging from the small cirque glaciers to larger glacier caps.

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Glacier lake Jokulsarlon - Jökulsárlón

When Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier began its retreat from the shore of South Iceland around 1950, it left behind a lagoon around 100 meters deep, filled with cold meltwater and huge icebergs that head out to the sea. Jökulsárlón is in South-East Iceland, at the roots of Europe's biggest glacier: Vatnajökull. Vast icebergs break off into the lake and drift around.

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The real beauty of Iceland.

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Iceland landscape

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